​​​​Eden Blue Centr​E

Eden Blue Community Development CIC 

Eden Blue Centre is working in partnership with Eden Blue Community Development Community Interest Company to deliver services to the community. Eden Blue Community Development CIC aims to enhance people's social, emotional and physical well-being, bring people together and build a stronger community. 

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Welcome to the Eden Blue family

Eden Blue is a family owned centre that provides weekly classes, choirs, workshops, film screenings & events in the heart of Old Town, Eastbourne.

The centre offers a wide range of health, well-being, music and art classes for the local community. The centre has a spacious and well-equipped studio that is perfect for a wide variety of classes and a cafe/relaxation area for participants to enjoy.

Eden Blue was set up by Celine Gucher & Emmanuel Blackman in 2016. They have lived in the Old Town area since 2006. Celine teaches Pilates, Total Barre Pilates & Zumba and Emmanuel teaches Pilates and Ukulele lessons. They have five children and a Springer Spaniel. Celine and Emmanuel are passionate about Eden Blue and in making sure that Eden Blue is a fun, inclusive, friendly, welcoming and joyful place to be!

Eden Blue offers over 25 classes a week, with over 200 people attending the centre every week! The centre also runs regular specialist workshops at the weekends and has an active walking group and two book clubs.

​If you would like to get involved, either as a teacher, trainer or volunteer, then please do get in touch. New ideas are always welcome. The centre is also available to hire.