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Recent testimonials

"We are so fortunate in having Diny as our teacher for creative writing. She is interesting, informative, encouraging and enthusiastic. All of us in the group look forward to the sessions and we are learning a lot all the time. We even look forward to doing our homework and Diny encourages us to help and learn from each other. We are not quite on the best sellers list yet  but in the future, who knows! Thanks a lot to Eden Blue!" Angela

"I have learnt so much from the course already and really look forward to the class each week. Diny has encouraged us to explore different writing styles and to think outside the box. I have a better understanding of the opportunities available to writers and enjoy the weekly activities. An invaluable introduction for anyone who loves to write!" Celine 

About the teacher

Diny van Kleeff is an independent author, published poet and storyteller based in Eastbourne. She has also helped publish books for other local authors on Amazon and Smashwords.

Diny's poetry can be viewed on her website:

www.misinformedpoet.com and her novels can be found on Amazon & also at www.dinyfvk.co.uk

Creative Writing for Beginners Course

Teacher: Diny

Time: Saturday 9.30am-11.00am

Dates: Saturday in February 2019 - enquire now!

Level: This class is open to beginners and those who those who may have dabbled in creative writing before!

Cost: £10 per session, due termly in advance.

Info: Please bring your own pen and paper, or a laptop if you prefer.

Have you always wanted to write stories or a novel, but not known where to start - or if you even could? In this exciting class you will learn how to develop your writing skills, gain confidence in your ability and share your work with others in a non-critical and encouraging environment.

You will explore different forms of writing, viewpoints, genres and styles through lots of pen-exercise and discussion. The class will equip you with the skills to develop your writing abilities and explore different avenues for your writing, whether it be short stories, novella's, historical novels or just for fun!