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Benefits of learning French 

  • More than 220 million people speak French in over five continents
  • France is the world's top tourist destination
  • French is very handy when travelling to Canada, Monaco, Switzerland, Africa and other places
  • ​Learning a foreign language helps to exercise the brain and helps to improve memory skills
  • Speaking a little French will allow you to communicate and travel more easily 

Learn French in a friendly group setting

Is your French a little on the rusty side? Do you know some of the basics, but want to improve your language skills so that you are better able to communicate and find your way around? This group French class aim to improve your grasp of the language in written and spoken form, giving you the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively in French. Learning French alongside others in a small class environment will enable you to practice this much loved and very useful language

Salva is a native French speaker wtih several years of teaching experience in Eastbourne. Each French class is fun, interactive and adaptable, catering for varying levels of language ability. So if you want to build up your French conversation skills and gain confidence in reading and speaking French, then this class is for you.

French for Beginners 

Teacher: Salva

Time: Tuesday 12pm-1pm

Cost: £8 per session, due termly in advance.

Info: Small class size. Please bring your own pen and paper. Led by a native French speaker and teacher. Materials supplied.