​​​​Eden Blue Centre​

Swoove your way to fitness, strength & weight loss

​About Swoove Fitness

Swoove Fitness is a popular singalong dance fitness class where you sing, whoop and move to great music. Burn calories, dance, tone up and build your strength with a Swoove Fitness class. It’s easy to follow and great if you are looking to get fit, lose weight and gain confidence in movement. ​Swoove Fitness is a fantastic all-round health and fitness class that will leave you feeling ready for refreshed and ready for the day. Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. 

About Swoove Box

Swoove Box is a boxing classVocalise, shout, count the punches and the boxing terms “jab, hook, 1, 2, 3, 4, and uppercut”!  Get rid of all the days stress and really tone up those arms! This class is to your favourite dance tracks and is a fabulous way to start your day! No equipment required.

About Swoove Strength

Swoove Strength focuses on core strength and building muscle groups. Work on your core strength to improve injured or weak muscles & regain confidence in movement. An ideal way to build up your strength slowly and safely.​​

Swoove classes for all 

  • Swoove is a fun, calorie burning fitness class to popular music (both old and new)
  • Easy to follow routines
  • Burn calories, tone up and lose the pounds
  • Sing and whoop while dancing, if you want to!
  • ​Ideal for all fitness levels.
  • No experience required
  • Great for the heart and lungs
  • Highly experienced teacher
  • Fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Swoove with Maria

Teacher: Maria 

Swoove Fitness: Tuesday 9.30am-10.30am

Swoove Strength: Tuesday 10.35am-11.35am 

Swoove Box: Wednesday 8.45am-9.30am 

Level: Suitable for complete beginners 

Cost: £5 per class, drop-in only

Info: Please bring a bottle of water and wear light, comfortable clothing! Classes are payable directly to Maria.