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Here are some of our customer testimonials!

"Very friendly, relaxed and fun! Eden Blue is a lovely centre, great atmosphere with the option to have a coffee and chat afterwards. Thoroughly recommend!" Eileen

"Eden blue has changed my life with the belly dancing class and African drumming class. It gives me so much fun and excitement. Where the Yoga class gives me total spiritual, emotional and physical peace and harmony that you go away without a care in the world. Last but not least is the people at Eden Blue. Celine and Emmanuel are so very warm and welcoming that you feel like part of the family, which makes Eden blue the most wonderful place to be part of. All I can say is thank you so very much Celine and Emmanuel." Jenny

"I joined Celine at Eden Blue about 14 months ago, the week before she and Emmanuel opened their studio. I attend Pilates and Celine takes the class I go to, but there are other tutors there as well. The studio is super and there is also an area to relax and have non-alchoholic drinks, etc. It's a wonderfully friendly venue with a great mix of all ages. We had a lovely Christmas party which enabled everyone to mix and meet new people. They offer a wide range of classes to suit everyone, my partner is learning the Ukulele and is receiving lots of help and support. I really enjoy going, and don't know now how I would manage without Eden Blue." Shelagh. 

"Choir is my happy hour (& a 1/2) where under Angela's masterful tuition and infectious enthusiasm we come together to lift our voices and spirits in an inclusive, friendly, fun, healing, united celebration of song & maybe a sneaky dance move or two! A much loved highlight of my week!" Zoe

"Such a lovely warm and welcoming place - the owners are so friendly. Maria's yoga class is excellent - she's amazing!" Anna

"Celine's Pilates class on a Wednesday morning is great. Having never done Pilates before I started attending nearly a year ago I am now hooked! Marvellous not too strenuous work out for both body and mind." Brenda 

"Evie loves going to the kids sewing club on Thursday and has enjoyed sewing, felting, embroidery and tie dying."

"I really enjoy the African drumming class - its so much fun and the people are nice. Emmanuel always sends us recordings of the new rhythms, that is great and very helpful for practicing at home. I recommend Eden Blue." Petra.

"I have tried quite a few classes but the Pilates class on a Thursday evening has been the one that has really helped my lower back pain. Its a great workout for my core but is also relaxing too. The teacher is amazing and will always taylor the lesson to each individual and come round the class to see how everyone is doing. I couldn't rate it enough." Anushka 

​"My first visit to Eden Blue Centre was greeted by the loveliest couple! ...off to Mondays Yoga I went and was impressed by the gentle surroundings." Jude

"I initially enrolled in the Spanish conversation class to enable me to be able to communicate with my friends when we visit them this year. Amalia has been so facilitating and adapted the lessons to meet our needs. I also attend the Pilates class with Celine, who provides clear instructions and again, adapts the class to meet individual needs.  An all round excellent facility". Jane 

"Very friendly, relaxed and fun! Eden Blue is a lovely centre, great atmosphere with the option to have a coffee and chat afterwards. Thoroughly recommend!" Eileen

"Really good work out at our Zumba class today, thank you." Marge

"Can't wait to get to choir this evening. We make such an incredible sound and the music is so uplifting. Come along on Tuesday evenings at 8pm. Meet lovely people and the incredible Angela." Chris

"We started African Drumming with our two children. The drumming teacher is so inclusive and makes each lesson so much fun. We then started a Spanish class & I joined the choir. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. We love coming to Eden Blue!" Su

"Singing at Eden Blue each week brings me so much joy and so many new friends! I am very proud to be part of the Eden Blue family. Angela, our choir leader, is a great teacher and inspirational. Angela makes it fun every week. She challenges us and gives us so much confidence. We cover a great variety of songs. I look forward to Tuesday's!" Sharon