​​Eden Blue Centre

folk Group / orchestra

Mind, Body & Spirit yoga

Teacher: Kate 

This Hatha Yoga class is designed to stretch and tone the body. Discover how to connect the mind and body to bring a sense of harmony. Hatha Yoga helps to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility and aids relaxation. This class is suitable for all and will leave you feeling calm and revitalised. ​​

mind, body & spirit​​ yoga

Total Barre™ Pilates

dynamic flow YOGA

Teacher: Karen 

This yoga class is a dynamic flowing style of yoga harmonising breath and movement to give strength and grace. You will feel both energised and revitalised after each class.  Within the classes we focus on breath awareness, building core strength, stretching and lengthening the body. The classes are suitable for all levels and abilities.


wu Tai-chi for all

Teacher: Chad

Wu Tai Chi is a form of gentle exercise composed of repeated movements that stretch the body, increase fluid movement and build awareness of body movement to harmonise the mind, body and spirit. Through a series of postures and breath work, participants develop strength, flexibility and a clearer mind. 

  • Time: Monday 5.40pm-6.40pm 
  • Cost: £12 drop-in/£10 termly - adults
  • Cost: £10 drop-in/£8 termly - kids
  • ​Info: Please bring your own guitar
  • Level: Open to beginners and those with some previous experience
  • ​Age: 11 to adult

kids sewing club

ukulele class


folk & world music choir

  • Time: Monday 7.00pm - 8.00pm
  • Level: Open to complete beginners
  • Cost: £8.50 drop-in /£7.00 per session termly in advance
  • No equipment required
  • Please wear light, comfortable clothing

group ​ukulele class

Teachers: Bruce / Emmanuel

This popular group ukulele class is open to anyone age 10 to adult.  Learn to play in a friendly, sociable and supportive setting. Please bring your own ukulele to the class. All learning materials provided. Each class is one hour long. The classes are aimed at beginners and those with some previous experience.

african drumming CLASSES

Teacher: Alison / James

​The African Drumming classes are suitable for anyone age 8 and over. In this class you will develop rhythm and percussion skills in a group setting. The teacher has many years experience of leading groups and drumming circles. Perfect your drumming skills and get creative in this lively, exciting class at Eden Blue.

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 9.30am-10.30am
  • Level: Beginners to intermediate 
  • Cost: £8.50 drop-in/£7.00 when paid termly
  • Mats, blocks and equipment provided

  • Time: Monday: 8pm-9.30pm
  • Cost: £7 drop-in / £6 termly
  • Level: New members welcome. No audition or previous experience required.
  • ​All song lyrics provided
  • Open to ages 16-99!

dynamic flow yoga

folk group / folk orchestra

Teacher: Bruce

The Folk Orchestra is a group aimed at local musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds and genres. All participants must have some playing skills and be able to bring their own instrument to the sessions. You will learn more about different folk traditions. The group hopes to play at folk dance sessions  and team up with callers and dance instructors.

Get crafty - children's sewing club

Teacher: Claire

A fun, creative workshop for kids and young adults age 7 and over. Create a range of sewing projects to take home or give away as gifts. Basic sewing skills needed. Create bags, cushions, bunting, lavender bags, pencil cases or revamp an old dress, skirt or t-shirt. Places available now! 

group guitar class

  • Day: Thursday

  • Time: 4.00pm-5.00pm

  • Ages: 7-14 years old

  • Level: Open to all

  • Cost: £5.50 per session, paid termly.

  • All materials provided

  • Booking required


  • Time: Monday 10.45am-11.45am

  • Time: Wednesday 6.50pm-7.50pm

  • Level: Open to all

  • Cost: £8.50 per session/£7 per session when paid termly

  • Limited spaces so please book before turning up

  • Mats, blocks and blankets provided

  • Tuesday: 6.40pm-7.40pm

  • Wednesday: 9.30am-10.30am

  • Wednesday: 10.45am-11.45am

  • Wednesday: 5.40pm-6.40pm - New class - please enquire!

  • Thursday: 6.50pm-7.50pm

  • Level: All levels welcome
  • Cost: £8.50 drop-in/£7 termly

  • Beginners: Sunday 10.30am-11.30am
  • Beginners to Intermediate: Sunday 11.40am-12.40pm
  • Advanced: 1.00pm-2.00pm
  • Suitable for families - min age 8
  • Drums available if needed
  • No experience necessary

mat pilates  

spanish classES

crocheting & knitting class

Teacher: Erez

In this brand new Crochet, Knit & Natter class you will gain confidence in knitting and crocheting a wide range of projects. Create beautiful projects for your home or gifts for friends and family. The teacher Erez will teach new skills and guide and support the group, enabling you to enhance your crocheting and knitting techniques. 

mixed level pilates classes

Teacher: Celine / Louise  

Pilates classes for beginners and intermediate level students. Pilates is perfect for improving physical strength, stamina, flexibility, posture and balance. Pilates also helps to address lower back pain, joint pain and other muscular and joint issues. If you want to flatten your ab's, improve your posture and reshape your body, this is the class for you.

eden blue choir

EDEN BLUE folk & world music CHOIR

Musical Director: Cara

This exciting new choir will bring together world and folk music from around the world. You will sing a repertoire of international songs from folk, country and world music. Meet new people, learn new songs and discover your voice. No audition required - just a love and passion for singing. We welcome people with all levels of

singing experience. 

Restorative yoga for well-being

Teacher: Maria / Nicole

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is made up of a series of postures that increase strength and flexibility, while focussing on breathing. Yoga practice has many health physical and emotional benefits, such as greater flexibility, reduced stress and improved balance.

yoga for well-being

wu tai-chi

spanish cLASSES 

Teacher: Amalia

Do you struggle to hold a conversation in Spanish and want to be able to do more than say hello and thank you? This Spanish class aims to improve your spoken and listening skills, enable you to hold a conversation in another language and give you the confidence and knowledge to speak, listen and read Spanish. Amalia is a native Spanish speaker.

zumba classes

  • Time: Tuesday 5.30pm-6.30pm 
  • Cost: £9 drop-in/£8 termly (adults)
  • Cost: £8 drop-in/£7 termly (kids)
  • ​Info: Please bring your own instrument to the class
  • Level: Open to beginners and those with some previous experience
  • ​Age: 10 and over

Total Barre™ Pilates

Teacher: Celine

Total Barre™ Pilates is a programme of exercise that combines elements of ballet, pilates, cardio and strength training for a dynamic and varied class that will help to tone, sculpt and reshape your body. Working with the barre, hand weights, small Pilates balls and mat work, this unique exercise provides a full body workout.

group ​guitar class

Teachers: Alex

Learn to play the guitar with confidence in a friendly, sociable and supportive setting. Learn how to read music and play a range of songs. The class is open to beginners and those with a little bit of experience. Please bring your own guitar to the lesson. All learning materials provided. Suitable for ages 11 to adult.

crochet/knit class

  • ​​​Intermediate Level: Wednesday 12.10pm - 1.10pm
  • Beginners Level: Wednesday 1.20pm-2.20pm (Coming soon, call to book!)
  • Cost: £8 per class, due termly
  • Led by a native Spanish speaker
  • Resources provided

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 5.40pm-6.40pm
  • Teacher: Celine
  • Level: Suitable for beginners
  • Basic fitness required.
  • Cost: £8.50 drop-in/£7 termly
  • ​Info: Combines use of the barre and mat, blocks, etc


  • Thursday: 8.00pm-9.00pm

  • Sunday: 6.00pm-7.00pm

  • Level: Open to all levels

  • Cost: £8.50 drop-in/£7 per class when paid termly in advance

  • Info: Mats, blocks etc provided

  • ​No previous yoga experience required


  • Monday: 9.30-10.30am
  • Tuesday: 9.30am-10.30am 
  • Friday: 9.30-10.30am 
  • Level: Open to all
  • Cost: ​£6 drop-in/£5 termly
  • Info: Please wear trainers and light clothing. 
  • All ages, shapes and sizes welcome
  • Time: Thursday 1.30pm-3.00pm
  • Teacher: Erez
  • Level: No experience required
  • Cost: £12 drop-in £10 termly 
  • Info: Please bring your own knitting needles / crochet needles
  • Tutor-led session​
  • New class - booking required
  • Time: Saturday 12.30pm-2.00pm
  • Teacher: Bruce
  • Level: Basic playing skills needed
  • Cost: £8 drop-in/£7 termly
  • Info: You will need to bring your own instrument to the sessions
  • ​No audition required
  • ​Open to local musicians!


Teachers: Celine & Keiko

Shake, shimmy and wiggle your way to fitness and improved strength, stamina and coordination. Zumba is an exciting and exhilarating way to get fit, tone up and lose weight. The classes are fun, friendly and invigorating and will lift your mood for the rest of the day! Due to popularity, please check availability first.

  • Time: Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm

  • Cost: £7 drop-in / £6 per session when paid termly

  • Level: New members welcome

  • All song lyrics provided

  • Regular performances

  • Friendly, inclusive choir for men and women age 16 to 99!

eden blue rock, pop & gospel choir

Musical Director: Angela

Be part of Eastbourne's most enjoyable, friendly and exciting Rock, Pop & Gospel Choir and discover the joy of singing in a choir! Make new friends, learn new songs and discover your voice. No audition required - just a love and passion for singing. Open to anyone who loves to sing and perform songs from the 60's through to the present day.