​​​​Eden Blue Centre​

Cloud Hands Wu Tai Chi Workshops

Winter Workshop: Saturday 25th November
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm (With a tea break - tea included)
Teacher: Chad
Cost: £20 Beginners / £18 Current Tai Chi students

Derived from an original Taoist practice which survives due to its effectiveness, cloud hands

qigong is in itself an excellent practice for improving the overall health and vitality of the body.

It also serves as a solid foundation on which to build tai chi practices and other systems of

qigong and internal arts.

Cloud hands begins by building a stable, neutral standing posture, then moves into one fairly simple movement that is repeated any number of times. The movement is learned and built up in layers because it takes time for the body to refine the motions and then integrate them. This is a time tested approach.

With consistently regular practice you can expect to improve, among other things, your circulation, your balance, the health of soft tissues, body connection and an ability to calm the nervous system and clear the mind.

We will learn:
• The standing alignments
• The components of the move
• Practice strategy
• Insight into the internal arts

Current Tai Chi students
Essentially, you know all the pieces, so there will be no new information in that respect. The main value to gain from this workshop is immersion in a more concentrated training, which can;
• Further your practice and understanding
• Develop a comfortable mindset for practice
• Deepen your connection with your motive for doing qigong
• Allow the chance for feedback and guidance

About Chad
Chad’s interest and experience in the internal arts goes back over twenty years. It's an open-ended field of knowledge that he regards as among the most valuable on Earth. Chad’s intention for the workshop is simply to enjoy the opportunity to be able to relay this knowledge to enable others to discover its treasures.
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